Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

We are setting off on a great adventure
for our 20th wedding Anniversary!!
Cancun - Mexico - here we come!

We are SO excited and cannot believe we are going 
without kids!

Adios Phoenix!

Hola Anniversary suite!!

Ok never leaving...

Especially with this handsome view, who keeps getting better
with age. (like fine wine!)


Our first night ended with listening to the waves...

First day in the water...it's so warm you wouldn't believe it.

Look at the color of the water tho...it's beautiful.

Just relaxing...

Thinking of how I can stay forever.

Good times by the pool!

Great view...

Went to the 3rd floor for a snack with a view.

I just can't get over the color of the water.

Happy hour in the lounge area...


Going to dinner at Lumiere...

You have to dress up...so fun cause we never do!

Hmmmm...what to order.

Everything was beyond good!
5 stars for sure.

How do people leave this place?!

Good morning, the view from our breakfast table.

Heading to the spa for our special day.

Relaxing after a couple's massage, and hydrotherapy.

Then we jumped in the pool, haha!

We were the only ones in there, too funny!

Getting ready for our romantic dinner on the beach.

See those cabanas, one of those is ours for the evening.

A pic on the west side of the property...

This never gets old.

Cheers to 20 years to us!

My favorite photo of the trip <3 p="">

The sun is going down.

Love this!

After dinner we went and listened to music!
So fun...we snap chatted everyone we knew, haha!

Good morning, watched the sun rise!

A new day...

Catamaran trip to Isle Murjes!

SO much fun!!

We rode around the tiny island in a golf cart!!

Then headed back...

Made some friends along the way!

Another dinner at BlancITalia

Our very nice messy room...

I will never forget this trip - ever.

Our last night...so sad.

Thank you Matt for brining me here...and thank you Mexico
for being so good to us!
We are so blessed, thank you Lord!